Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Ben and I are not big Valentine's Day people, we really do not want to encourage the consumerism that is so trendy.  I actually taught at a local high school this year on the big V-day holiday and it was rediculous the amount of stuff those girls were carrying around!  One girl even recieved a dosen red roses in a beautiful vase right in the middle of class, I can't believe the school even allowed this!  Just think about all the money those boys are spending! Eeek!

Anyways, back to Ben and I and how we like to do things differently!  We still like to show our love for one another, that's why we always have a nice dinner in.  This year Ben cooked up a wonderful meal and set a beautiful table out on the patio!

He's such a sweet guy!  He know's nothing makes me happier than a nice healthy dinner, and he loves using his new BBQ!

And even though we don't support the card and chocolate shops on this holiday, Ben did give me a sweet little gift that was right up my alley!  This little fellow was waiting as a surprise for me when I got home from subbing.  He came from our favorite local Christian thrift shop!

I got Ben a little something too, but you don't need to know about that... ;)
Hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day, whether it was with a significant other or with wonderful friends & family!  Its a day to think about those we LOVE!

P.S.  Next year V-day will be on a Saturday, it will be the perfect day to bring back the St. Valentine's Day Massacre!  Start getting your costumes ready and you don't know what it is check it out here and here...

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  1. Sounds wonderful :) Happy Tuesday to you, Loni - hugs!


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