Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Whimsical Woodland Baby Shower

Recently I attended the most charming baby shower; it was woodland animal themed with a touch of whimsy!

As you arrived you knew you were at the right house thanks to this cute little sign.

I also loved that we knew to come right in and not just stand there and ring the door bell!

Upon entering the first thing I spotted was this cute little scene of woodland creatures wishing the soon to be mama congratulations!

There was a diaper raffle.

And also a book drive!

One of the party games was to guess how many pine cones were in the vase (I think it was somewhere in the 600's)!

There were lots of sweet touches, like this animal diaper cake!

As a special gift the hostesses created this woodland artwork and had all of the guests put their finger print on the tree.

Here's the dining room all set up and decorated.

The mother to be has been posting her progress pictures on facebook, so they printed them out and showed her growing tummy!  To keep with the theme they had a photo booth set up with picture frame and accessories.

Lunch was yummy baked potatoes and chili, here's the potato bar!

Then into the next room you were greeted with this beautiful sight!

There were homemade cake pops as favors for all the guests.

Not one, but two homemade cakes!

And more goodies!

This was such a sweet shower!  All the little touches added together for such an impact!  I'm sure the new mother felt very loved by her wonderful family and friends!

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