Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How to Make Crepe Paper Jungle Vines

For the Lion King Baby Shower I decided to lean more towards the Hakuna Matata part of the movie and go jungle = Jungle Vines were needed!  These would be great for other jungle themed parties such as Tarzan, explorer, etc.

The jungle vines were made with a roll of brown package paper and a roll of green crepe paper streamers.  (they came in a two pack, but we had enough left over that I estimated we only needed one roll)

At first I began by cutting the leaves out one at a time.

But my genius friend Lauren had a great idea to save us time and our aching hands; simply fold the paper into a medium sized stack and then cut them all at once.  I estimate that I probably cut 15-20 leaves at a time this way!

Look at all those leaves!

Next we took a roll of brown mailing paper and cut it into 8" strips that were about 6 feet long (give or take, it doesn't need to be exact because it is just going to get crumpled).

Then the twisting fun began!  We twisted each vine three times, the first time was to get it roughly crumpled and the next two times were to make ti tighter.

All that twisting causes you to become a little loopy - "ya man!"

Using a little bit of masking tape I taped it to the back of my bookcase and wrapped it around struts.

I also looped it around the chandelier and added some monkeys.

Then I put a tiny piece of double stick tape on one end of each leaf and added them to the vines.  Here's the before:

And the after:

Adding the leaves after I hung the vines really helped me determine where I should put them and how I should space them.

The vines ended up being a great way to add bursts of color around the party area.

Even the mantle joined in on the action!  I used clear tape to attach it to the underside of the mantle.

The monkeys loved hanging around in the vines.

The cool thing is, these are dollar store monkeys, but you'd never know it!

Hakuna Matata!

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