Monday, March 10, 2014

How to Make a Faux Tiki Roof

When the idea came up that I would be throwing a Lion King Baby Shower the first thing that popped into Ben's head was that we needed a faux tiki roof!  I told him, great idea, get on that!  And so he did, my amazing crafty husband whipped up a roof that rocked!

We decided to attach it to the wall using 3M removable sticky hooks, so we knew that it would need to be light weight.  Therefore the base to the roof was cardboard.  Ben took a cardboard box and cut it open so that it would make one sheet, then he duct taped all the loose pieces together.

Then we took a grass table skirt and taped it on with two overlapping layers.

We let the first layer hang off the edge by about 4 inches.

Then we wrapped the rest of it up and taped it along the top edge.

Then we held it in place to see where it looked good.  Ben made little loops on the backside out of duct tape that we could attach to the sticky hooks.  Then we measured how long we needed to cut the sticks that would support it.

Before the tiki roof...


This was such a fun easy project that made a nice big impact!  The watering hole turned out really cute with this special roof!

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