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Born to a contractor father and a perfectionist home-keeper mother I (Loni) was blessed with the desire to have a perfect home right from the beginning.  Okay maybe not, there was a lot of battling about my version of clean and my mother's version of clean during my youth.  Although now I can fully appreciate a well constructed home and a well decorated and clean home.  I love to design floor plans of houses just for fun and rearrange the furniture.  Ben was gifted with lots of artistic talent and has become a professional graphic designer.  We've been saving our pennies and recently purchased our first home, 3 three bedroom "cottage" in southern California.  Our little family consists of the two humans and our two fur children Lucy the Chihuahua and Teddy the dachshund mix.  One day we plan to expand the family with some real children, but for now these two will do...

Our little girl: Lucy the Chihuhua.  Also known as Lucy Goose - due to the fact that she was a rescue and when I first had she she would be scared by everything "the sky is falling" would always ring in my head, so I thought she must be friends with Chicken Little!

Ben and I love to adventure together, if we had the money we would travel all over the world.  For now we will settle for traveling all over southern California.  Our interests consists of volunteering with kids ministry at church, hiking/nature walks, camping, geocaching, snowboarding, crafting, gardening, DIY and our most recent hobby is reenacting.  Yes we dress up in the funny clothes of yesteryear and ENJOY IT!  We portray a British soldier of the 29th Regiment of Foot and his wife during the American War of Independence and a rifleman in the 95th Riffles and his wife during the Napoleonic Wars.

We like to think that we are normal people, but I'm sure you're probably thinking that we're not.  Our new hobby is so much more than dressing up in funny clothes, we've learned how to sew, cook and woodworking skills that have become very useful for modern day too!

You might wonder about the name Clearwater Cottage, and this all stems from our interest in English history.  In England many of the houses are named.  Our house is a small 3 bedroom/2 bathroom home, nothing too grand and we wanted to give it a name that fits it, hence cottage.  We were thinking of all sorts of names to accompany cottage such as: Sunshine, Willow, Squirrel, Quacker, Hidden, etc.  When Ben suddenly threw out the name Clearwater, and it stuck.  It symbolizes our faith in Christ, substance for life, our love of water and also a dream of having a nice clear swimming pool in the backyard!

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog about our adventures!

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  1. Your blog is so cute! Thank you for your kind words on mine, now following :)


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