Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How to Make a Paper Leaf Banner

One of the first decorations for the party that Ben and I made for the Lion King Baby Shower was this leaf banner.  It was super easy to do and was fun to have a a custom sign.

The local craft store was having a sale on scrapbook paper so I loaded up, 11 sheets of green 12"x12" and 11 sheets of brown 8 1/2"x 11" paper.  Of course what you will need might be different depending on how many letters you want to spell out.

The first step was to draw a line down the center of the green paper from one corner to its opposite.

Ben free-handed a leaf stencil onto a cereal box and cut it out.  If you are not so keen on the free-handing there are lots of images on the internet you could use to help you get the shape right.  After that he cut it out and then traced it onto the green paper making sure to line it up with the line he had previously drawn.

Cut it out and you have an awesome leaf, which already works as a great decoration!

To make it a banner we printed out the letters.  We found a fun font called Expose Italic and set it to outline mode and then printed it out on the brown paper (this is why I bought printer sized paper).  Then all I had to do was cut out the letters and glue them on.  I then punched holes across the top of the leaves and strung them up with twine.  Ta-da a custom sign!

You could be creative and make a sign like this out of any shape and colored paper, the skies the limit!

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