Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Small Group Retreat 14

Recently we headed up to the mountains with our good friends from our old small group.  We had the most wonderful time together relaxing and enjoying God's creation!

In front of the cabin was an awesome chain swing.

Kevin takes great enjoyment in swinging super high and kicking the leaves of the tree.

Do you see him in there?

Rebekah catching some golden rays.

We went for an awesome hike in the woods on Saturday.

There were so many great views!  Enjoy!

With such awesome views we had to stop and take pictures!

Part of our hiking activity was to go Geocaching!  This was Kevin and Alysia's first time!

Hhhhmmm where is it???

This was the coolest geocache, it was a half a stump with a drawer carved out of it!!!

Can't forget about our little geodog Lucy!

This cool wagon was in someone's front yard!

And then there was a random yoga ball, so of course I had to sit on it!!!

Alysia doing her little woodchip girl pose.

The cabin had all sorts of awesome antiques in it, including a working record player!

Ruben working on dinner as Ben watches eagerly.

Authentic carne asada!

After all that hiking someone was all tuckered out!

The next day we were introduced to the squirrel feeder that runs along the window so you get an up-close view of the cute little squirrels!

Teddy and Lucy loved this!

Hello Mr. Squirrel!

This trip couldn't have been possible without our awesome friend Kevin volunteering to let us stay in his family cabin!  It has been in the family for over 4 generations and they keep adding onto it and changing things!

Here is the front entrance.

Inside is the dinning area adjoining the family room.

There was lots of fun duck decor, my favorite!!! :)

I loved this cozy family room and the beautiful stone fireplace.

Here's that awesome record player!

This is Kevin's Grandma's room, the only bedroom on the main floor.

This was a very tiny cabin and they used their space wisely, check out how they squeezed the only bathroom in under the stairs!

Speaking of stairs lets go up them to see the other two bedrooms!

Ben and I stayed in this sweet room!

Love the fans!

A multipurpose nightstand, this steamer truck is packed full of warm blankets!

Here is the other room, a great place to put all the kids!

These miniatures were my absolute favorite!

Because the stairs were not carpeted Lucy and Teddy had a tough time going up and down, they'd sit on the sanding waiting for you to come get them.

The kitchen was awesome, check out the antique working oven/stove!

This is the backside of the cabin, that door leads into the kitchen.

If you walk around the front and down the side a bit you'll find another door that leads to the other bathroom (we called this the men's restroom).

More awesome antiques, a washing machine!

The guys liked showing in this shower, I think it made them feel more manly!

Who doesn't need tools in their bathroom???

This cabin had so many neat characteristics and we had such a great time learning about them and spending time together.  This time together as a group is so important to us for keep our friendships close!  I can't wait till the next trip!

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