Monday, November 12, 2012

St. Valentine's Day Massacre Party II

We held our second St. Valentine's Day Massacre Party this year.  The first time we held it in Ben's tiny apartment, therefore this time we decided it would be better to rent a room, and our friend's complex had the perfect room complete with outdoor fireplace!

What's a party without a party game?  The whole night was spent in a mob intrigue, where guests tried to figure out each others' roles in opposing mobs.  They recorded their answers in their booklets.

The three teams were "The Fuzz" "Capone Gang" and "New York Mob."

We printed out authentic pictures to cover over the ones currently in the frames.

My grandparents old phone was quite popular and ringing off the hook!


I served up some Virgin Apple Martinis from the Martenilli's website

We also had a shooting range, which was all the rage!

What's a party without some gambling?

Some of our totally awesome costumes!


The Room Before We Started

This party was again a great hit, I think we will need to host it again in a year or two!

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