Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Home Tour 2013

Welcome to our house this Christmas Season!

Right as you walk in you are greeted with our holiday card collection.

I used push pins to attach ribbon to the ceiling and let it hang different lengths.

Our Christmas card this year focused on our new home and the paws that skitter across the floor.

When you turn to the left you get a glimpse into the family room which is full of Christmas at every turn!

On the piano is our old new to us Christmas Carols music book and much more decor.

The nutcracker wants Java the Nut's acorn.

At first he ran away with it, but quickly realized he wasn't as fast as he used to be so he turned and offered it as a peace offering.

On the other end of the wall is our very special picture from Grandma.  We love it so much, and it makes it feel so much more homelike to have a special piece of Ben's childhood.

The coffee table is fun an whimsical.

More special Grandma memories on the couch here, this quilt is from our 1st Christmas (she hand made it for us)!  We keep it up like this so the dogs don't turn it into their own special blanket...

A little turn to the right and you get the view of the dining room and the awesome placement of the fireplace makes sense, it is right in the middle of both "rooms."

It took us a long time to figure out where to put the tree, but we finally settled on the center of the room.  At night the lights from the tree reflect off the door's glass panes.

Same centerpiece from last year, you can read about how to make it here.  I used my new hurricane vase this year to make it, but same process.  I also used some extra garlands I happened to have to decorate the chandelier.

Grannie's special place mats and napkins.

The little village found a new home for the third year in a row, I really like it on this sofa table it gives it lots of room to spread out!  It is especially fun having it next to the tree, so you have lots of glowing lights together at night.

Can't leave even the side table undecorated.

This year we bought a tree in the 5-6" range and put it on Ben's special tree cheater stand.  Learn all about how we made that last year here.

We got to add an extra stocking to the mantle for Teddy!

I love my Mr. and Mrs. Claus from my Grannie!  (Don't worry we won't lite the fire with them sitting there, wouldn't want the plastic to melt!)

A little mantle close up...

It is fantastic having a nice big counter top in the guest bathroom, I was able to put my little tree in there for our guests' enjoyment!

And last but not least in our hallway we have a couple arrangements, Grannie's kissing angels and her nativity scene, and my new pine cone topiary!

It has been so much fun decorating the new house for Christmas!  Everything had to find a new home, and I'm sure as time goes on there will be some adjusting, but for now I'm thrilled that our home is prepared to welcome the coming of our Lord!

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