Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Tree Cheating

You may not believe this, but our tree only cost $20.  Yup that's right!  Check out how we made a small tree look a lot larger!

Our secret, we shop in the 3-5ft range at Home Depot.  This year we arrived when they had just received a shipment so we had lots of trees to choose from.  Even though it said it was in the 3-5ft range it was taller than me, and I'm 5'5"!  

Then we raise our tree up on a stand.  In years pasts we have used a hat box, but this year Ben built this little pallet out of some scrap wood in the garage.

We also always use a trash bag on the ground in case we spill the tree water so it doesn't hurt the carpet.

Ta-da!  This tree does not look like a 3-5' tree now does it?

What are your holiday secrets?  Got any good tips to share for next year?

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