Monday, December 16, 2013

Crochet and Knitter Ornament Gifts

Need a creative ornament for that crafty person in your life?  Look no further here is an excellent (and easy to make) idea for all knitters and crocheters!

To get started you need a plastic ornament, yarn, knitting needles or crochet hooks.

We were worried that drilling the ornaments might break them, but it turns out this is super easy.  Just match the drill bit to the size of the hook/needle you're going to use.  My husband Ben put a piece of wood underneath the ornament so that he wouldn't drill the tabletop.

We started the first hole close to the top and then continued through the ornament to drill the bottom hole.

If you chose the right sized drill bit your hook will slide in (with minimal force) and stay put, no glue needed.  One ornament down, 5 more to go!

The knitting ornament was a little bit more work since it needs 4 holes.

Ben drilled the first set of holes and stuck the knitting needle through to help him decide the placement for the next set of holes.  It's ok if your ornament dimples in while drilling, it will pop out right after your done.

In one end and out the other!

Somehow I managed to capture a picture of all 6 ornaments!  This is quite the challenge since they are round and roll but are also weighted by their crochet hooks/knitting needles!

Originally I was going to fill the ornaments with the white yarn on the right, then I came across the fun Christmas colored yarn on the left.  "I thought" I put the white yarn back, but surprise when I got home I had actually purchased it!  I guess I was tired because I did not pay very good attention at the register!

Since I had both yarns I decided to experiment.  Here is each of them individually in the ornament.

Both looked good, but not as good as when you mix them together!

The white helps fill in the gaps and the other yarn makes it colorful.

2 knitting ornaments ready to hang!

Add in 4 more crocheting ornaments and we are ready to go!

One last thing, tie a little bow and they are all set to hang up!

I hung them up on the garland that is draped around my chandelier above the dining table.

There was only room for 4 ornaments on the chandelier so the knitting ornaments hung on the side of the centerpiece vase.

I gave each of these ornaments to the girls I have fondly named my "Yarn Girls."  I hung them up above the dinner table for our Christmas feast and at the end of the night told them each to choose one.

This was a special way to give them each a Christmas gift that they can display each year on their tree and think about all the fun times we've shared on our Yarn Nights.

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