Monday, December 17, 2012

Decorating the Cottage for Christmas

Now that we have our tree I can finally share with you pictures of Christmas at our little cottage!

Ben and I both agreed that there was only one type of light we wanted for the outside, the "traditional bulb" in our mind.  We know that in the future we'd like to add some lawn decorations and maybe a light up sign, but for this year our big purchase was the house lights...

I had fun decorating the front tree with some oversize ornaments from the Dollar Tree!

You may recognize these place mats and napkins from last year.  They were my Grannie's and I LOVE them, so I'll probably to continue to use them every year!

The wood carved Jesus, Mary and Joseph were Grannie's also.  One day we hope to build them a proper manger and add some animals to the collection.

This little tree has been used in my classrooms when I'm long-term subbing, this year it gets to sit on the little desk in our country kitchen!

I am loving having this window box to decorate!  I know if we stay here longer I'll accumulate many more decorations to fill it with so that both levels can be Christmas!

Welcome to the heart of the home, the family room complete with FIREPLACE!  Yes people, no more fake fire on the TV screen!

You may not believe this, but the tree is technically in the 3-5' range and only cost us $20.  Ben built a little stand for it to sit on to make it taller and I think it worked out just great!

The mirrored wall looks great with the reflection of the tree lights!

 This table centerpiece was so easy to make, read about it here.

I tied gold bows on all of the candles to help make them festive.

Even Lucy is decorated in her holiday dress!

I love how my little village looks on the piano.  Most of this village was hand made in South Dakota by a woman named Beth.  My Grannie brought them home one year when she was there visiting her family.  We have added people and other pieces to it over the years.

We layered the village using some scrap wood in order to make it feel hilly.

My aunt gave us the adorable couple sitting by the fire, to make it glow Ben tucked a light bulb in right behind it and swapped it out with an orange bulb.

He even tucked lights behind the trees to illuminate them!

This is how I chose to display our holiday cards this year, read about how easy it was to make it here!

On the linnen cabinet I have displayed my light up snowman and my favorite kissing angels!

They are another special item that was my Grannie's, I think they are so sweet!!!

Is it beginning to feel like Christmas in your home?

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