Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Card Display

In years past I have taped my holiday cards to a blank wall.  This year I decided that I wanted to decoratively hang them.  Here is my easy solution!

At Target in the dollar section they have bakers twine, I was so excited I bought several packages for decorating packages and this project too!

I already had some extra sticky hooks, but they are easy to get.  I attached the stickies, peeled them, and stuck them an arm's width apart on the wall.  Then I tied the baker's twine on the sticky hooks.

Then I took some clothes pins and attached my Christmas cards that had arrived.  The card on the right is our's this year - Ben designed and printed it!

Slowly our card collection has been growing.  Each time a new card arrives I'm so excited  especially when it is someone I haven't seen in a while!

How are you displaying your cards this year?

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