Thursday, February 5, 2015

Regency Linen Gown

In preparation for our trip to New Orleans I made myself a new linen gown for my soldier's wife impression.

I had previously made this bib-style gown for our other Napoleonic events and knew it would be a good backup.  But I was expecting New Orleans to be really muddy and knew that a light colored gown like this would not fare well.

I've made several other bib-style gowns before so I started with putting together the bodice. The front overlaps and is pinned together.

A big whoops! Don't sew in a hurry and forget to wash your fabric! My hands turned blue from the fabric dye!

The skirt of the gown is two rectangles, the back is larger than the front. The bib is attached to the front panel. I took this picture and then realized that I accidentally sewed both of the side seams entirely up - I should have stopped about 8" from the top so that the gown can open. Guess who got to do some seam ripping???

Technically the above picture is wrong for placement of the bib, you actually lay it on top of your gown piece and then sew above the gathering. Before I attached it I added my button holes (makes it easier than trying to sew with the whole gown in your lap).

What is a sewing project without my favorite fabric weight?

And here is the back of my new gown.  Nice and ready to get muddy!

Since the event was freezing I never got a picture of the actual gown in use without my cloak on!  I will remedy this soon in the backyard and update this post!

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