Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tim Burton Style Alice in Wonderland & Nightmare Before Christmas Bridal Shower

Hey everyone, sorry it's been so long since my last post.  Things have been crazy busy around here, my little brother is getting married!!!  In addition I'm back in college again getting a Clear Credential (right now my credential is preliminary and expiring).  I'm so excited to show you the pictures from the bridal shower I threw for my soon to be sister in law - oh yeah I'm getting my first sister!

I decided to throw her a Tim Burton style shower - focusing on her favorite movie Nightmare Before Christmas and Alice in Wonderland.  Some people tie balloons to their mailbox to let you know where the shower is, I had twirly flowers!

My sweet Ben made me this sign for the front yard out of a scrap wood piece and pallets.

Then in our entryway I had this sign.  Notice the black and white stripes - that's the Nightmare Before Christmas coming into play.

In the entryway were my party favors; sugar cookies that said Take Me and Eat Me.  

I wanted the party to feel whimsical but without feeling like the cartoon Alice in Wonderland.  So I sprinkled the theme around the house.

I'd always wanted to make a terrarium and this was the perfect opportunity.  Cute little decorations came from Michael's - the trees from Ben's miniatures game supplies.

These beautiful daffodils came from Hobby Lobby - of course I had to add the googly eyes...

The food table had an assortment of tea treats and regular lunch fare.  There actually were more food items but I forgot to take a picture (I was in the kitchen getting the bruchetta out of the oven) and my mom saved me by taking this one!

I used my hutch to set up dessert and supplies for games.

I baked red velvet cupcakes and frosted them with cream cheese frosting and pearly balls.  The perfect woodland cake stand came from TJMax.

The beverage station had Strawberry Punch, Ice Tea and Water.  Ben made the perfect L for me also.

We even had the Cheshire Cat watching us during tea. (Yet another Ben idea/creation)

And now for my favorite part - the tea party table!  I had so much fun planning this!  Paper lanterns came from Luna Bazzar, I used my wedding china and my Grannie's china for a fun mix, I lined the table with real moss that I bought at Hobby Lobby, and decorated it with all sorts of odds and ends for that eclectic look.  Enjoy!

Let's get this party started!

The groom made a guest appearance!  Technically he's my little brother - but as you can see not so little anymore!

He even took a picture so that I could join the table!

You would think a tea party in March would be safe outside.  Not in Southern California - we're having a heatwave and got driven inside! Lucy says it was too hot for her too!

Ben made me custom game cards for my He Said She Said game.  Yes those are Jack Skellington and Sally silhouettes!

The bride to be matched her gift wrapping!

My favorite was when she jokingly opened the trashcan and found a surprise of more gifts inside!

Even 2-week old baby Violet came to the party!  Her Grandmere is so attentive!

My childhood best friend Christen just loved playing with little Ellie!

Did I mention I'm super excited to have my first ever sister!?!?!?!  Here we are, already becoming like two peas in a pod!!! :)

I feel so blessed to have such a loving family to be able to welcome Lindsay into!  I look forward to many wonderful years together and lots more family celebrations!


  1. You did a great job on the party! The moss on the tea table is GENIUS!!

  2. Aww... Violet is precious! What a sweet picture of her with her grandmother.

    Okay, that was just about the neatest bridal shower I have ever seen! You did a phenomenal job with the decorations. Thanks for sharing your creativity with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

  3. What a great party. And that little sweetheart is just so cute.

  4. Good morning, my dear! I just wanted to let you know that this sweet post was featured at Roses of Inpsiration today :) Thanks for joining the party last week. Hugs and blessings!

  5. I love your table decor! The moss is so pretty, I love the candle holder and all the little embellishments you added great job!


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