Thursday, October 2, 2014

My New Classroom Decorated for Autumn & Fall Leaf Writing Template

I mentioned earlier that I have a new job, I'm working as a Temp. Specialist in a local school.  It's a step up from being a substitute and I couldn't be more excited!  I'm treated as a real staff member and even have my own classroom!  (of course I'm still paid like a sub and am not even eligible for BITSA- a teacher induction program I need desperately!)  But onto the good stuff, my new room!

Remember this is the room I walked into, not too bad!  I'm actually in the main building and the furniture is in good shape!

I also LOVE that the room as built-ins!

What I don't love is this lovely pie-shape that the walls make!  Oh well, whatcha gonna do???

Before they hired me the class had a substitute for a week, this is the way she had the room arranged. It didn't work for me because half the white board was inaccessible.

So I did a little bit of rearranging.  I also put all my tables into three groups of six.

Something I've always dreamed my future classroom would have is a tree that could change with the seasons, so I went right to work making one out of butcher paper and adding those blue bulletin boards.

I saw some cute woodland creatures online and wanted to decorate with them, Ben helped me get them all printed out and ready, they're sitting on my desk waiting to go up.

The view of my desk that the kids see.  On the back counter are trays for each grade level - since I teach Kinder-3rd grade everyday.

I extended the branches on the tree since they looked a little stumpy, and added my forest friends.

I was waiting to post pictures of my room till I had added some more personal touches I'm thinking of.  But my budget has held me back, so here is the room as it is for the most part.

My little library area.  I have visions of bean bag chairs, pillows and other places to sit.

I couldn't wait till the first day of autumn.  I transformed my tree from summer to fall!

My sweet little first graders wrote a paragraph about leaves and published it on my leaf template.

I'm so proud of what a good job they did, and so were they!

If you would like the template of the leaf just click here.

It amazes me how much the kids love these simple fall cut-outs I bought at the dollar store a few years ago.  They're always talking about them!

I found this sweet little owl at Target this year, only $3 people!

A little glittered pumpkin (also from the Dollar Tree) came by to join my flowers and my duck!

I absolutely love my new job, I'm having the best time teaching all of my classes.  I'm so amazed at how much I've seen the students grow in just one month's time!  I also love having one more space to decorate with my favorite season!

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