Monday, October 6, 2014

My 1st Women's Retreat

I felt so blessed to be invited to attend Women's Retreat with my church this year.  I've always looked forward to the day I would be considered adult enough to get to participate.  I know my mother has had the best times going on retreat with the women from my childhood church, in fact she loves them so much that even though we've moved away she still goes on retreat every year with them!

Our retreat was held at a small camp in the San Bernardino Mountains called Lock Leven. We met in this beautiful lounge area and dined in the adjoining room.

Our first night there was this beautiful sunset.

The next morning was equally as beautiful, especially with my pumpkin cappuccino that they served!

Linda played the piano while all the ladies sang, wow are they all talented!

Then our guest speaker Laura led us through our activities and study centered around being a Woman of God.

Our theme was Growing in God's Grace; one of the fun activities she had involved us each selecting a garden tool and then creating a children's moment involving it.  Everyone had such creative ideas, some even brought us to tears they were so beautiful and touching!

She also had little goodie bags for each of us to put our items in as the weekend progressed.

We had lots of fun making crafts!

Delicious butterflies!

And these creative angel necklaces made from paper clips!  We decided to wear them all the next week at church and invite other women who were not on retreat to make them too when they attend events! :)

Here I am with two of my favorite Godly women Cynthia and Linda!

Saturday afternoon we took a nice little hike and found the entrance to an old house, all that remains are the stone walls below and chimney above.

The camp also boasts this beautiful suspension bridge. I tried to get a group shot using the timer, but I just couldn't run fast enough...


This is the original lodge built in 1928.

Such wonderful, beautiful women of God!

I found Lucy a new friend, her name is Dolly!  Dolly is one tough dog, she adventures all over the mountain sides!

I feel so blessed to have been able to participate in this special weekend.  God is good - all the time!

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