Monday, September 29, 2014

Bean Planting

The bean sprout tubes worked wonderfully!  Every single one sprouted and looked great!

The key to the tubes was to water frequently, at least once a day and on super warm days I even watered twice.  Before my eyes the toliet paper tubes went from this:

To this!

To read about how I made these sprout tubes go here.

The little bean plants were jumping up and down screaming plant me in the ground!  Look at those roots poking out!

So in they went, next to their bean poles.  They did quite well for a bit too.

And then Southern California got hit by a terrible heat wave.  Young plants + extreme heat = death. Only about four of them survived the heat wave, so instead of showing you that sad picture I'll leave you with this sweet hopeful picture of what might have been!

Would I recommend this planting method?  Totally!  In fact, I've already saving up my TP rolls to try it again with some more seeds!  Have you tried it yet?

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