Monday, September 22, 2014

Two Tall Ships Festivals - San Diego and Dana Point 2014

We again attend two tall ships festivals back to back this year and had a great time!

First up was the San Diego Festival of sail which always has lots of ships to go visit!

Once again we were on the HMS Surprise as historical interpreters.

This year the weather was much more mild than in previous years, making us all a lot happier and more comfortable!

Our dear friends Maurice and Ashley came down to visit one of the days, Maurice makes a splendid captain!

Ashley and I unintentionally matched in our blue gowns.

We went aboard the Star of India which has a mast below deck for teaching sail furling on the yard arm, of course Ben obliged us and did a demonstration.

We love it when our friends come out to visit us, Noah came down for a visit; many moons ago when both boys were in college they worked here together in the education department.

Our sweet friends Rebekah and Kevin also came down for a visit!

I was very excited to try out my new hat that I had just finished.

We were also very excited to have two new marines join us!  They enjoy living history and had purchased these uniforms from the sale of Master and Commander movie costumes.

One cannot go all the way to San Diego and not check on the progress of the museum's new galleon: San Salvador.

She's changed quite a bit since we saw her last time.  And remember she is being built by museum volunteers!

We also had the same tour-guide as last time!

Land ahoy!

In the workshop one of the volunteers was working on a cannon.

A crow's nest.

And now onto the Dana Point Tall Ships Festival.
Andrew was back again to play as marine.  Ben wanted to wear his new marine coat that he made, but since it was 1770's he decided to bring along his 29th coat so that Andrew would be the same decade and they could both wear their tricorner hats.

Since it's difficult to get pictures during the performances I went around taking pictures at the dress rehearsal.

Jesse switched sides this year and went from Marine to pirate!

We snuck out to the beach for a little bit to take some pictures.  I wanted a shot in my new gown.

Ben wanted a landing shot, but it turned a little too realistic when the tide started coming in and got his shoes wet.

Not one, but two Jack Sparrows walked by with some ladies (if you could call them that) and a box of treasure; we tried to warn them that the tide was coming in but they didn't listen and got stranded on the rocks.

Kristen and Tom are always here and make us smile.

My new friend Stephanie (whom I met just last year at this event) came by for a visit!

One of Ben's favorite memories was this adorable little boy who we met on Saturday with his family. They had told us about visiting Colonial Williamsburg this summer and how much he loved history. So the next day he came back to show Ben his soldier's coat!  What a kid!!!!

A professional photographer took this shot and I think it is just stunning!  The pirates, sailors and marines all together!

If you'd like to see last year's pictures, click here.  We'll be back again next year so plan to come out to either of these fun events!

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