Monday, September 30, 2013

Two Tall Ships Festivals - San Diego and Dana Point

We recently attended two different tall ships festivals on back to back weekends.

The first of the two was the Festival of Sail in San Diego.

Ben loves this event because it is held at the Maritime Museum, where he used to work as an educational instructor back in college.

Last time we attended I received a brutal sunburn, this year I sewed a spencer jacket to protect me from the sun's evil rays!

I just loved the way it turned out!

It was an incredibly hot/humid weekend, but the sky was amazing!  For those of you not from CA, we are complete wimps when it comes to humidity, we like it dry and any little bit is the most miserable thing ever to us!

I got to practice my mommy skills while holding little Alexander here, he was such a cutie!  And the firing of the muskets didn't bother him a wink!  This kid is going to grow up to be a great reenactor like his dad!

While walking around we ran into some "friendly" pirates.

We were invited aboard the HMS Surprise for the weekend to give our presentations as living historians.

Ben's role this year was a sailor aboard ship, I was just visiting the ship while it was in port...

One of Ben's favorite things to do is to train up new recruits.

He was even filmed by channel 8 news for the Saturday morning program!

Although we were serious most of the time, we are not without a sense of humor!

There were cannon battles between ships too!

The SD Maritime Museum has a new addition in the works!  They are building a Spanish Galleon ship called the San Salvador and we went down to take a tour of the beauty!  You can learn more about her here.

This ship is a recreation of the original ship that Cabrillo sailed the coast of California in 1542.

The ship is being built using mostly traditional methods, with the exception of a few modern inventions (including this metal bar which keeps the ship from drooping/hogging).

We were fortunate enough to get to go up the scaffolding to see the main deck under construction.

The pieces of lumber for the ship were HUGE!

We got to see the ship maker's workshop which is positioned under a road bridge.

They made a full sized template for every piece of wood on the ship.

There is an amazing man who is carving all the dead eyes by hand!

To cut those humongous pieces of wood the museum bought this massive bandsaw!  FYI this thing is so tall that it is sunk into a 4' hole in the ground!

The next weekend we were at the Dana Point Tall Ships Festival.  Here Ben participated in a skit onboard the Pilgrim, he's wearing his normal red coat.
Picture credit Elizabeth Staller
In the skit the Royal Navy have captured a notorious pirate and are about to hang him when his crew comes to rescue him.

I was not in the skit, so I apologize for all of my photographs being greatly zoomed in.

I love my marines and the adorable midshipman!

Dana Point Harbor also had a special treat, the traveling elephants were here for a visit!

On Sunday some more of our reenactor friends came to visit!

We stayed with my parents for the weekend, before I could change out of my gown when I got home my mom made me pose for pictures.

They almost ended terribly!  Thank goodness Ben is only joking!

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