Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Organizing the Tea Cupboard

Apparently I have a lot of tea, and my boxes were getting out of control.  Now I know it's hidden behind closed cupboard doors, but opening up a chaotic cupboard can have an affect on your mood.  I'd go in looking for something and it would be frustrating to have to dig to find it.  Now I don't have to do that!

This is what I started with. Rows of tea and hot chocolates.

The hard part was you could only really see what was in the front row.

So I went to the store and picked up one of these handy cupboard shelves for around $4.

Then I emptied out the cupboard, woah I did not realize I had SO MUCH stuff!

Just look at all that tea!  I love it all too!

In went the shelf and then the teas.  Pretty good I think.  But not good enough, so back to the store I went.

With the second shelf I felt like my job was complete.  Now my teas are easy to see and reach!  Oh yeah, see that big wooden box, there are more teas inside that!  I set it out when I'm serving company!

This is my company tea box, I love the way the little sections sort the tea!

I like how the long flat boxes fit perfectly above, instead of being stuck under the pile.

Now I can actually use the little dispenser boxes the way their meant to be used.

I've also started making my own lavender tea from our garden, it's sooooo good!  As I dry the lavender I'll be adding it to this jar.

Organizing makes me so happy and cheerful.  Every time I open that cupboard it puts me in a good mood now!  Do you have the same effect when you organize something?

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  1. oh definitely I do... and I love tea too :)

    I have one of those shelf things - I may just have to move it to the pantry!

    Marcia at


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