Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Home Tour Summer 2014

Welcome to our summer house tour!  In the last house tour we were barely settling in, now we're nice and cozy in our new home!  Come on in!
Grannie's mirror found a nice home in our entryway.

As you enter to the right is a hallway that leads into the kitchen.

This is a view looking back down the hall towards the entryway, to the left are the double sliding doors of the pantry.

Our spacious kitchen which I love cooking up meals for friends and family in.

The house has an interesting setup where the kitchen table has a view of the formal dining table.

We are now entering the formal dinning room area and family room.  Teddy is here to greet you!

Love that fireplace on a weird angle! Although it did create a fun nook where the original owners put in nice custom shelving.

Sorry this picture is so dark, I tried everything I could think of to get it lighter without ruining the quality.  I also photographed it at several different times of day with no luck.  The bright lights coming through the window won.

It's not quite a "great-room" but I do love how everything is connected.

Right off the family room is the first bedroom, which is currently my sewing-room/study.

There is a short hallway which leads to the master bedroom, bedroom 2 and the guest bathroom.

We'll start with the guest bathroom, nice and airy.

Bedroom 2 is being used as our guest bedroom/Ben's office.

I let him do the decorating.  Can you tell?

Around the corner is the master bedroom with a view of our backyard.

I love how deep the closet is, and have hopes of adding some wallpaper on the back wall to make it more pleasant.

The dogs requested that I show you their space too.  Right off the kitchen table the have an area we've nicknamed Dog-catraz.  They are nice and cozy in here during the hot summer months and not so cold winter, but they also have full access to the backyard/doggy paradise.

That concludes the tour, I hope you enjoyed it!

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