Monday, July 28, 2014

Old Fort MacArthur Days 2014

It's that time of year again, our big reenactment event with the public time!  Old For MacArthur Days was Ben and my 1st reenactment 5 years ago, so I guess you could say it was our reenacting anniversary!

As typical we were finishing projects up until the last second, Ben is wearing his new marine coat and I'm wearing my new gown.

Everyone else was looking their best, here is our friend Steve and his girlfriend Lindsay.

My friend Helga was able to convince her daughter Nicole to join us too!

Just look at that fancy hair Danielle is sporting!

As always we brought more than enough food and ate quite well.

Our friend has a good friend who bakes amazing sourdough bread which he brought for us!

It didn't matter that I was wearing my fanciest gown, I cut the mellon anyways!

This was the year of the adorable kids!  Here's my friend Laurel and her sweet little boy Jacob.

Heather brought her sweet two children Peyton and Edward, and Kellie brought her newborn son Joshua!

It became a game to count how many people asked her if he was a doll and if he was a girl.  Boys wore little gowns too until they were able to be breeched.

Time for the men to drill in anticipation of the battle.

Our guys look good - they'll look great once they're all wearing their new marine coats.

Time to go, off marches the 33rd.

Here goes the 23rd and the 29th/marines.

The most exciting thing happened, a new group came this year and we had continentals to fight!

It really wasn't a fair fight, so few of them against all of us.

Ben took a shot to the head!

Nothing beats our awesome ocean view from the hilltop!

One of our favorite parts of the weekend is training up the new recruits!

One of the little boys wants to join us when he's older, he comes back year after year!

The weekend wasn't all serious, there were also some fun and games.  While our captain was getting supplies out of a tent, we had a little fun at his expense.

The wind up...

and pow!

Lucy and Teddy stayed with my parents over the weekend, and I was feeling very puppy deprived.  It's a good thing Helga brought her sweet babies for me to pet and hold!

Speaking of moms, Ben's mom faithfully comes out to visit us every year!  I love her so much!!!! :)

Another awesome highlight was Ben getting to drive a tank!

The boys like to take an anachronism picture, this lucky tank was their target.

Another HUGE highlight to Ben's weekend was getting to meet the Tuskegee Airmen, Ben's written many school reports on them as they are some of his life heroes.

We wanted a picture of them, but they wanted a picture with us!  hahaha

I love seeing all the groups that come out to this event.  One of my favorites is the Romans.

This group was even singing in German!

One last group shot!

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