Monday, June 30, 2014

June Garden Update

The garden is doing well.  We are actually able to eat the fruits of our labor!

We found some fun decorations at the Dollar Tree, so we added them to the fence posts in the garden.

They're something fun to look at when you're strolling around.

Something to keep your eyes off this lovely heap.  On the right side is the way the compost pile had been looking, a little on the sloppy side.  It was sliding out of the container, so Ben built some doors also out of pallets (which was in the plan all along).  The doors slide in perfectly, as shown on the left.

We also planted our box-woods along the entrance to the garden, and used some rescued bricks from the yard to make a little border.

The leafy greens bed is doing well.  We're harvesting leafs of lettuce and using them in our sandwiches.

I took this picture a week ago, alas the spinach has begun to flower which means it is now turning bitter.  Sadly they don't do well when the weather gets hots.  We'll wait till summer is over till we plant them again.

Lettuce always seems to do great!

The bell pepper plants are producing beautiful tiny little peppers.  I hope the next batch grows larger!

Our early girl tomatoes are doing great!  They taste so much better than the grocery store ones! The steak tomato plant is just beside it, for some reason it is a bit smaller and producing the most tiny fruit.

About a month ago I planted green beans, we planted two varieties bush beans and pole beans.  I read that it was a good idea to soak them over night before planting them, sadly they got a little bit more than over night, I may have drowned them.

Not to let that detour me, I planted them anyways!

And built them bamboo trellis in anticipation of them climbing up as soon as they sprouted.

And two of them did sprout!  One looked great!

It's ready to start climbing that pole!

The other one... not so much.  Well, I think a bird might have eaten its leaves.

With some tender loving care it seems to be making a comeback!

One of the plants I'm really excited for is my cucumber!  I love cucumbers and can't get over how fast it is growing!

Just look at my first fruit!  And I have many more on the way - as evident from the beautiful flower on the right.

Our other seed grown plants are doing quite well too.  I can't wait to plant them in the garden beds.  It may look like these were store bought, but it's me being economical and reusing the plant containers we bought our strawberries and pepper plants in.

Our herb bed is doing well too, we love our basil and it is wonderful being able to come out and grab a leaf or two whenever we need them.

On a different note, we're moving Ben's archery range. Our next door neighbors put in a pool, and now they spend lots of time in their backyard.  This also meant that they took down the nice shed that provided a protective buffer to Ben's backstop.  He just didn't feel comfortable shooting arrows that direction anymore so we found a new spot in the backyard.  A nice corner with a high fence and not much behind it.

We began digging into the slight grade and made a discovery.  There were some more of the terracotta planters.  We were able to dig one of them out, the other sadly is concreted to the wall.

I know you probably can't see them, but there were already several more in the garden area along the back wall, but there was a spot where one was missing so this will go in there perfectly!

We were also graciously given some geraniums by some friends who had them as centerpieces for a party, we'll be using them to help fill our flower bed once we build it.  It will make a pretty circle in the middle of the garden.  Now we just need to look for some affordable bricks...

Speaking of flowers, the flowers in the front yard have gone crazy!

A few months ago I noticed some new plants sprouting in my garden beds, I though about pulling them out but they didn't look like weeds so I let them live.  Boy am I glad I did, they grew into beautiful calla lillies!

Our plumerias are doing well too.  To think a year ago this was just a stick that my friend had cut from her plumeria tree and now it has leaves and flowers!

That concludes the garden tour for today, but with all the new growths happening I'm sure it won't be too long before I bring you another one!  I hope your garden/house plants are doing well too.

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