Friday, June 27, 2014

Teddy's Toy Excavation

Teddy always seems to have a favorite toy, currently it is this crazy eyed duck that quacks.

His duck went missing though and we couldn't figure out where he had left it.  Sometimes Teddy takes his toys outside or leaves them behind the sofa.  We searched high and low and couldn't find it for over a week, and Teddy wasn't letting on, until...

One day Ben noticed a little orange foot poking out of the dirt in one of the garden boxes!

Let me zoom in so you can see it better!  

Teddy still claimed to know nothing about it.  Duck?  What duck?

Ben went and prepared for the great Duck Excavation!

He didn't want to injure the duck, so he dug quite carefully.

He gently brushed off the dirt to reveal Teddy's favorite toy!

At last the duck was rescued!  We fondly gave him a new name, he is now Dirty Duck!

The dirt doesn't bother Teddy, in fact he probably taste better to him...  He's just so happy to have his duck back!

Sometimes Teddy will hide his toys in the bushes, Ben finds it easy now to just go poking into the bushes with a stick and keep testing until he hears a QUACK!  Normally Teddy is not a digging/burying dog, this was a first.  Do you ever have this problem?

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