Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's a Girl Baby Shower

Baby shower number 3 for me this month was for my cousin Lindsey.  She already has three adorable boys, but now she is expecting a GIRL!  Therefore her shower was pink to the extreme!  Let's start off with this cute diaper wreath!  I love how creative my aunt was in creating this in lieu of a diaper cake.
One of my favorite facebook comments on my pictures was "Don't you have enough hand-me-downs?" with three boys you'd think she would, except they're not PINK, hehehehe!

In fact, the oldest brother has even offered to share his room with his new little sister, the only stipulation was - as long as it isn't too pink.  Sorry kid!  All her gifts came in only one color!

The lunch they served was wonderful!  Sandwiches, pasta, fruit, salad and stuffed tomatoes!

These were grape tomatoes (hollowed out) and stuffed with guacamole, so clever and de-lish!

Strawberry infused water, yum!

Oh my goodness, the dessert table.  Everything was picture perfect!

Chocolate dipped pretzels.

Sweet cookies.

Check out this beautiful cake!  She decorated it with butter cream frosting and some fondant too!

There were also sweet little cupcakes!

It was a beautiful day, so we ate our lunch by the pool!

Would you believe this floral arrangement was made with Dollar Tree items???  Awesome!

My mom thought they were real at first!

My two awesome cousins, Jamie (the hostess), Lindsey (the Mommy) and me (the blogger).

I can't end this totally pink shower without a picture of an adorable girl!  This is baby Audrey and she can't wait to have her 1st girl cousin come along, she already has 4 boy cousins so it's about time! (Sorry, make that 5 boy cousins!)

Oh baby showers, such a happy event!  Well this is a new record for me, the year Ben and I got married we attended 11 weddings, this year is already up to 3 baby showers with one more coming up next weekend.  I have a feeling this will be the year of the babies!


  1. Actually, Audrey has 5 boy cousins... =)

    1. Whoops! You're right, I made a math error! 5 boy cousins for little Audrey!!!


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