Friday, February 28, 2014

Around the Cottage Feb 2014

Ben and I have been working on little things around the house to get it ready to host, here are some of the fun (and not so fun) updates we've done.  Starting with hanging curtains in the master bedroom.

It was looking so bare in there, until we hung up the curtains.

Now when we walk in it feels so much more formal!

We love the height they give to the room!  In fact we intentionally hung them high for this reason.

It was hard to find the longer length curtains, everyone only sold the 84" length, but finally I found the 96" kind in a nice sheer brown!

Our next project was to repair this cracked florescent light panel.

We picked up a new one at Home Depot but of course it was too large to fit our fixture box so Ben did some trimming.  He taped the ruler in place so that it wouldn't move.

Then he scored it with a razor blade so that he could bend it and it would snap off.

Here is another before picture for you...

And an after!  So much better!

There is still one tiny problem with the new panel, can you see what it is???  I'll give you a hint, 3 go one way, and 1 does not...  Oh well, it is such a tiny problem I'm sure no one will notice!  (and besides they didn't sell any panels going in the direction we needed...)

Onto the backyard!  On our side yard I decided to add some color!  I planted some sweet pea bushes, two daisies and lots of inpatients.

I've also been excitedly watching the progress of my garden box.  Remember how we built this back in our old apartment?  You can check that out here.

I love how soft the oregano looks.

This basil will be much used in our kitchen!

Oh and lettuce, look at all that lettuce!!!

Speaking of eating, we decided to feed Davy Cracket, our new squirrel, some nuts.  He likes them, omm omm omm!!!

And Teddy has a new hobby, making snacks out of his toys!  Good thing I know how to sew, I have a feeling I'm going to be starting a dog toy hospital!

What have you been up to around your home?  Any fun projects?  We'll be building our garden beds soon, so we'll have a post on those in about a months time!

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