Monday, February 24, 2014

A Travel Themed Surprise Party

For our good friend's birthday we threw her a surprise party under the disguise of having an Olympics Opening Ceremony party.  The birthday girl Rebekah loves to travel, so globe trotting was the theme!

Right inside the entryway we had these signs to mark the way.  My awesome friend Lauren whipped them up out of cardboard!

On the coffee table we had a mix of fun items, more direction signs, some travel themed books that are actually hollow boxes to put keepsakes in and a photo album with pictures of all the friends doing fun travelish outings with Rebekah.

Another fun decoration were these cute garlands that Lauren made!

The top layer are map circles she cut out and mounted.  The bottom layer are travel tags she printed out off her computer, cut the shapes out of cardboard and glued together.

We mounted direction signs everywhere we could, including the lamp!

Meghan the hostess made several beautiful bouquets and then them placed around the room.  What girl doesn't love fresh flowers???

Here is the awesome buffet with more travel decor: a suitcase, globe, travel tags and flowers.

Here is Meghan's yummy cheese platter, I love the way she cuts out the labels and mounts them on toothpicks.

Celeste baked the beautiful and delicious cake!  I love the flags she decorated it with!

Now for the party itself, here comes our birthday girl!

She just realized what is happening!

Lots of smiles!

And hugs, gotta have hugs!

We have a good friend who now lives across the country, she participated in the party via webcam!

Karrie and Rebekah!

Celeste (the awesome cake baker), Jen and Meghan the hostess!  Oh yeah, and Light draped across their laps!

Mike and Lauren (the travel decor lady)!

Ruben and Kevin.

Remember how I mentioned we disguised the party as an Olympic opening party, well it was decided we really did need to watch the opening, we all were excited to see it!

This is Daisy, she eats water bottles.

And here is her new puppy Light, so fluffy!!!

There are candles among those flags, don't worry no flags were burned!

Meghan is showing Rebekah her special photo album.

I love these people so much, they are such awesome friends!  I'm so glad they were all able to help make sweet Rebekah's birthday special!

We had some scares that she might have caught onto us, but we managed to surprise her!  Have you ever thrown a surprise party before?  Was it actually a surprise or did you get busted?  Even if you get caught, I'm sure your friends and family feel so special!

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