Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Visit to Riley's Farm

Our awesome friends Jason and Jen invited us to join them on a visit to Riley's Farm.  This is the same place we go to enjoy the Christmas in the Colonies dinner every year with our reenacting friends.  It was quite a different experience being dressed in modern clothes while there!
The first picture is of their Hawk's Head Tavern.  We ate their for lunch, delish!

They have lots of different crops that you can come pick yourself!

People say we don't get seasons in CA, but these trees sure are trying to make it happen.

I just love fall colors!

Further up on the property is the 19th century packing shed.

They were busy setting up for a wedding inside!

And I found the evidence of last nights wedding!

One of the crops you can pick is flowers, which were in full bloom!

Jen and myself.

Jen and Jason!

I don't know who these folks are...

Ben was loving the old tractor. he snapped away quite merrily.

Off to more adventures.

We felt so blessed to be asked out on a double date by one of our favorite couples!  It was the perfect fall afternoon together!

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