Monday, November 11, 2013

New Dog in the House

There is a new member of our little family.  He has four legs and is furry!  That's right we have a new fur-child!

Ben picked him out from all the other dogs at the animal shelter.  Since Lucy is most definitely my dog, this will be his dog.  Look at that excited face as we got in the car to drive home!

He definitely smelled like stinky dog, so after a little bit of acclimating to his new surroundings we broke all trust and gave him a bath pressure wash.  He was such a good sport about it!

We brought Lucy with us to the animal shelter so that she could approve of her new brother, and we could make sure they got along.  These two are already the best of friends (so long as he remembers that she is the boss).

Ben now has the perfect couch companion!  We don't really know much of his story, just that he was adopted once and returned within a week because the new owners didn't want to potty train him.  He certainly is comfortable in the house!

All mineeeeeeeee!  And technically he is potty trained, he knows where to do it.  He "just" has a problem with marking things, including things like chairs, sofas and the fireplace...  We're working on breaking him of this habit indoors.

We were super excited when he picked up a toy!  A dog we can play with, and I don't just mean play dress up...

The next day my parents come over to meet their new Grand-dog!  As you can see my dad is a big hit with the dogs, they flock to him!

Lucy even got a little feisty and decided to play!

Of course, once the petting starts everyone lines up for a turn!

We tried and tried to get a picture with Uncle Hunter and his nephew and niece.  This is the best we have to show for it...

Sure he'll pose when all the focus is on just him!

I'm a happy girl with three puppy dogs!

He came with the name Charlie, at first we thought we'd call him Charles Bingley after a character in Pride and Prejudice, then we though maybe Charlie Brown would work.  But we're still not sure this is the right name for him, we'll keep you posted on what we decide to call him.

For now we're glad to welcome this sweet little guy into our family!

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