Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween was a lot of fun this year.  As is now the custom, the front porch was fallified!

Our church has a pumpkin patch fundraiser, this is it in the process of being set-up.

No ridiculous gimmicks here, just cute decorations.

Unless you count the totally awesome pumpkin trebuchet!  We missed seeing it in action, but it looked totally awesome standing still!

We came by at dusk to pick up our pumpkin.

Lots of great choices!

Ben picked this one, it looks just perfect!

There were wagons at your disposal for loading up the goods.  I decided I needed a ride for old time's sake!

The Saturday before Halloween we got super excited because we saw this big fence go up.  We thought we had some totally awesome neighbors who were going to put on a haunted house!  Upon further inspection, we realized it was the world's most tackiest party "tent"!  Yes that's right folks, there was a party happening behind those thin walls!

Our victims!

Can you tell what Ben's design will be?  **Hint: pumpkin scrimshaw.

Lauren is about ready to commit pumpkin murder!

I don't know who is more scared, me or the pumpkin!

Lucy was up to her usual shenanigans, parking it in the most rude place possible (butt in face)!

The end result of all our work!

Ben's masterpiece!

I made the minion on the left, Lauren made the cute one on the right.  We just need one more to complete the set!

Last year I attempted to make glowing eyes in the bushes, this year was a bit more successful.

The instructions I read online were to cut paper towel rolls, but we discovered that using the cardboard tube the glow sticks came in worked better.  (the glowstick didn't fall out)

Of course photographing them at night was not easy...

Our house all lit up at night!

Ben added some cobwebs for me, since I have a fear of spiders even fake webs bother me...

We lined up the pumpkins on the brick planter across the front of the house to welcome the trick-or-treaters.

Some of our friends came in fun costumes.

We had a great night together hanging out watching festive movies and answering the door to give away candy!

And of course messing around...

Hope everyone had a great All Hallow's Eve!

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