Monday, October 21, 2013

Trafalgar Day Picnic 2013

This weekend we attended the 2nd annual Battle of Trafalgar Day Picnic in honor of our Lord Admiral Nelson.

Everyone had a grand time getting dressed up and visiting with each other in celebration of the victory!  Huzzah for Nelson!

The grounds of Rancho Camulos were decorated festively for the occasion.

As usual we had way more food than we were able to consume.

At one point a minivan pulled up, we didn't mind the intrusion due to what it was pulling.

A beautifully restored carriage!

Lucy had a wonderful time!

Midway through there was an archery competition.  Here is Maurice our host holding up the medals for the champions!

There were many participants!

Ben was in charge of running the event and he even hand painted the target!

Here he is shooting in his sailor outfit (you'll see him also in his rifleman's uniform).

I couldn't believe my luck in capturing this shot!

Ben also created these target scorecards in the traditional fashion, we do not advise wearing them on your hat.

For the last month Ben had been working diligently at making this beautiful pendent banner to mark off the saftey lines.  Unfortunately he realized that we forgot to pack it after driving for an hour and a half, needless to say we did not go back.

There was even time to get some relaxing sketching in!

Later in the day a sweet little friend arrived to play with Lucy!

There was also a gun salute for the admiral.

The men of the 95th Rifles!

Ben's brother Chris also came, so they did a little clothing swap!

I loved spending the day with Ben's mom!  Check out that beautiful gown her mom sewed for her!

This year there was a new activity, dancing with a live band!

It was super fun dancing in one of the rooms of the rancho!

When Ben wasn't dancing he took the opportunity to snap a picture of me!

We had a wonderful day, the weather was perfect and the friends were the best!  You can view last year's pictures here.

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