Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I have just a slight obsession with squirrels...

And rationally I've begun to collect squirrel sculptures!  The first one my grandmother actually made!

He sits by our front door as the official greeter!

Lucy loves to come out front to say hi to Mr. A.Corn and then go sniff the grass.

The moment I found this lil fella at Target I just had to have him!  He's a cookie jar too!

I have decided his name is Mr. Crumblesworth, Crumbs for short...

He has the cutest little face, no joke squealed with delight when I first saw him then I walked right up and kissed him on the nose!  Ben just laughed and said, "I guess we're getting him!"

Look at how well Mr. Crumblesworth matches our kitchen!

Recently this not so little guy arrived in the mail as a housewarming gift from two very special friends!

They knew about my lil obsession and decided he was perfect for me! I love how stout and round he is.  Ben has given him the name Java the Nut!

On this pedestal he's as tall as Lucy!

But definitely much bigger around...

Do you have any ceramic pets in your house?  Do they have names too?  I used to name all of my stuffed animals (I thought I would hurt their feelings if they didn't have names), and here I am still feeling like all my animals must have names!  I guess it's a sign that I'm still a kid at heart!

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