Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trafalgar Day Picnic 2012

The battle of Trafalgar took place on October 21, 1805 and was one of the largest naval battles in history.  Sadly Admiral Lord Nelson lost his life in this great battle.  To commemorate this day in history a large group of our friends gathered together to have a celebratory picnic!  We gathered at Rancho Camulos in beautiful southern California.  Please enjoy some of the pictures from the day.

As with every event the soldiers drilled.  Here you can see an officer supervising the proceedings.

We all ate quite well, there was enough food to feed a group twice as large!

The dogs had a grand time also!

Ben and I went in hunt of getting a Christmas card picture.  Which one do you think it will be?

Everyone is gathered round for the beginning of our tour of the Rancho.

The story of Ramona was written about this location after Helen Hunt Jackson visited Rancho Camulos.  Ramona was fictitious but people kept coming here to see where she lived.  So the owners staged this room to be her bedroom.

There was a great turn out for the 1st time holding this event!

Lucy had a great time, but was not used to being awake all day so she was ready to get in the car and go home...

My bonnet covered my new curls most of the day, so I wanted to make sure to showcase them in action!

I look forward to this event next year!

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