Monday, September 9, 2013

Space Shuttle Endeavour

Sorry it has been so terribly long since I have blogged.  Life has gotten busy busy around here at the cottage!  Over the summer we spent some quality time with Ben's best friend Ben and his wife Tiffany.  We decided that the best way to do this was a fun outing to see the recently arrived Space Shuttle Endeavour!

Both Ben's love all things space, the moment we got out of the car my Ben was running around snapping pictures of all the planes out front, we could hardly get him to hold still for this picture!

Part of the experience of seeing the space shuttle is that guests get to see other aspects of life aboard the shuttle and a glimpse into mission control.

They had the Good Year tires out on display for everyone to touch.

Then came the exciting part, entering the hangar where the shuttle is displayed.

They had one of the main thrusters on display at ground level so that you could see just how big it was.

I loved the parting glance as you left the hanger with the American flag in the back; so glorious!

Have you gone to see the Endeavour yet?  When we went tickets were free, you just had to make a reservation in advance!

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