Friday, September 13, 2013

Tip for Getting Moisture Out of Wood

This summer my Grannie's beautiful cherry dinning table had a catastrophic incident!  It all began with some steaming hot pizza boxes...

I am always so careful to make sure to no set anything hot directly on the table.  Usually I use trivets or place mats.  This time around I went with place mats to protect the wood.  Well apparently if left for too long the hot steam from the pizza boxes will go through the fabric and into the wood.  And to make matters worse, I didn't remove the place mats till the next morning.  Lets just say I was HORRIFIED at what I found!

My poor table had these gigantic white splotches on it!

After much internet researching I decided to try the hairdryer technique.

It was amazing to watch as the moisture evaporated right before my eyes!  In total Ben and I taking turns probably spent about 45 minutes blow-drying the table.

I nearly cried with joy to see my beloved table returning to normal.

There are still the ever faint reminders of this terrible incident to always remind me in the future to take better precautions.  I'm sure if I had attacked this right after it happened these would be gone too, but it was part of my mistake not realizing it till much later...

The end result is so much better!  After the blow drier treatment, I gave the table a nice wipe down with my wood polish and heaved a huge sigh of relief!

Have you ever mistakenly ruined something you loved?  Isn't it such a terrible feeling!?!?  I'm just so grateful for the interwebs and learning new ways to fix my mistakes.  If only I had known about this before, my bedroom dresser would look a lot nicer!

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