Monday, July 22, 2013

Fixing the Shower Faucet Take Two

We officially have a track record with Moen faucets now.  While living at our rental house the shower faucet began to leak, and we decided that we'd practice our homeowner skills and try to fix it!  Wrong!  What we did was make a hole in the wall and make life miserable by having to live with no water until we were rescued by the plummer!  What did we learn from our adventures in faucetland?  Moen cartridges like to break (or said the Home Depot man)!

Fast forward, we're actually homeowners and come midnight our guest bathroom shower decides to break on our first house-guest!  And lucky day, it broke in the on position with water flowing nonstop!  You guessed it, it was another Moen faucet!  So the first step was to turn off that water, we were literally washing $ the drain with it on! Now you have to imagine the following picture in the dark with flashlights as we went out to the street to turned off the water to the whole house.

We had a friendly little surprise too, our water meter was inhabited by a family of black widows!  Wasp spray works great for killing them, so before Ben bravely reached inside (while wearing my awesome gloves from science class) we had to spray at least 6 spiders!

We decided that was enough for one night and with the water successfully turned off went to bed.  The next morning Ben went to the store and bought the special cartridge remover tool that we learned about after the fact in our last visit to faucetland and took apart the faucet correctly! 

I would have written a tutorial of how he actually did this, but it was still a lot of trial and error, so you'll have to wait till another faucet breaks....  Since the plastic handle also broke, we figured it would be best to replace the whole darn thing, so there ya have it our new faucet (looks the same as the last one)!  I don't remember why we bought another Moen and not a better brand, but I think Ben wanted to make sure it fit...

Now we need to get around to scraping and re-caulking the tub!  But that will wait for another day!

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