Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Dishwasher

We knew when we were buying this house that the dishwasher was dead.  Seriously, it had drowned in its own water and was alive no more.  The home inspector didn't believe me/previous home owners so he ran it, it filled up with water, and then we got to live with the beautiful stench that is standing water because it would not drain.  So buh-bye old dish washer, thank you Home Depot man for removing him and taking him away!

Enter beautiful new dishwasher WITH HANDLE.  There was a huge debate on whether to spend the extra $100 for a washer with a handle attached.  We wanted the handle for the pure convenience of being able to put a hand towel next to the sink (instead of across the kitchen on the oven).  Unfortunately, it means that you cannot simply buy a cheap base model like we wanted, it means the whole darn thing is upgraded...

We also went for a stainless steel tub, so shiny!!!  So we're suffering with our new upgraded dishwasher, which should hopefully live in this house longer than us!

Look at how nicely that dishwasher holds the towel!  They are a match made in heaven!

I didn't mind washing our dishes by hand for the first few weeks, but I gota say this is much better!

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