Monday, June 24, 2013

Moving Day

Thanks to our awesome family we are all moved into our new house!  Luckily we had great weather for the move and everything went smoothly!  Lucy decided that she was the project manager for the day.

I was not as good at getting all the boxes and little stuff moved over in advance this time around...

It is my opinion that when people design houses they need to consider how people will be able to move large piece of furniture/appliances.  We tried several different approaches to getting the fridge out; as you can tell, it does not want to fit this way...

Donny was not happy to see that we still had the desk named "the beast."  It weighs a ton and does not take corners well...

Yay for strong men in the family!  (Dad, brother Donny and Uncle Jim hard at work)

We opted to rent a trailer since they don't charge mileage on them and they fit a lot of furniture.  "Hey mom, how much stuff can you fit in that trailer?"

The project manager required a break for some sunbathing.

My dad was in charge of driving the trailer.

Lucy was not satisfied with the efficiency of the moving crew, and ordered Ben to motivate the slaves.  
Okay, in reality Ben volunteered to set up the tripod for the camera, somehow it ended up with an air-soft rifle atop it and everyone lined up for the firing squad!  Note: this is NOT how you treat your helpful movers!

As the first load of trucks we're ready to depart I called out to everyone, "Before anyone leaves I want to get a group picture!"  As soon  as the words left my lips there went my mom zooming off in her minivan to get more bubble wrap!  Vroom!  Talk about timing!  Everyone was sweet and waited to take the picture for me, although little did I know I had actually already missed the departure of my Dad in law and Gma in law whose car had been acting weird and wanted to get a head start in case of problems...  Guess I need to speak up sooner!

It is still a weird feeling to know that we won't be moving again for many many years.  We've got the BEST moving crew who has been there for us several times in the last few years, but I'm glad to say we won't be needing them for a long time after this!

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