Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Just Moved In

We know lots of you are curious to see what the house looks like now that we have moved our stuff in.  Please don't mind the boxes and junk lying around, we're still in unpacking and figuring out where everything goes mode.  Without further ado, our new house:
I am going to have lots of fun decorating those built in shelves and the fire place!

I love the fact that when we host large family gatherings we can have both dining tables so close to each other!

We've decided it is time to upgrade the little bookcase holding our TV to an actual entertainment center.  Stay tuned for what we find!

This is my (Loni's) little sewing den right off of the family room.  I need to keep it tidy as this room has no doors, we'll add some eventually...

When we bought the house there were no closet doors either, that couldn't wait so my dad and Ben installed these nice mirrored doors before we moved in.

I had the guest bath up and ready before moving day, because lets face it, people gotta pee!

The second bedroom is our guest bedroom/Ben's office.

Let's just say it is a work in progress...

Oh my word, our bed looks so tiny in our new room!  And to think it practically took up the whole room back in our old apartment!

You can view this angle but not the other wall of the room, because right now it is empty.  It felt like we had so much furniture, but I guess not!

Lucy being her adorable little self as always.  She loves to sit with one paw up.

We still have some painting left to do, the trim in the master bedroom has not even been started and the trim in the bathroom needs a third coat (the previous owners' mauve was hard to cover up)!

Love this closet, we have so much empty space and room to move around!

Here comes the fun part, the lovely garage.  I'm sharing it all with you, mess included!  Initially it was full of boxes and neither car would fit.  I couldn't take it anymore so I worked hard at clearing a spot for my car.

And it was coming along pretty well, still no room for Ben's car, but not bad...

Then right in the middle of writing this blog post Ben arrived home and announced that his car window was stuck down, oh 1999 Toyota Camry how you make us persevere!  Well, we couldn't leave it on the street, which meant in the middle of the heatwave it was time to finish clearing out the garage.

Not too bad huh?  Room for the bikes and the lawnmower (which has given us a lot of trouble but thanks to my dad is now working)! 

After we hang all the pictures and get everything decorated the way we like it I'll share some better pictures with ya.  Have a great weekend everyone, stay cool and drink lots of water!

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