Monday, July 1, 2013

Enjoying the New House

We are moved into our new house and loving it!  We're still continuing to unload the boxes, slowly but surely we'll get there.  Here are some of the 1st that we've been experiencing in our new house, starting with the first Sunday morning tea before church, using my Grannie's china!  I didn't remember that I had a teapot in those boxes, so exciting!

Ben's first time practicing drill with his musket (I called the orders).

We have TREES!  Ben hung one of our hammocks up between them so we could test them out!

Our first dinner cooked in the kitchen.

And Lucy's 1st attempt at begging for chicken!

This weekend will be our first gathering of people at the new house; it is totally not ready, but I'm sure no one will judge us.  We're having the guys over for some practice drill/marching in preparation of our upcoming reenactment at Old Fort MacArthur on July 13/14th.

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