Saturday, April 13, 2013

Our Easter Celebration 2013

This year for Easter Ben and I hosted the family gathering for my side of the family.  As you know we had lots of fun prepping all of the decorations but honestly the best part was enjoying having my family all together for the first time in a long time.

Due to my grandparent's health we've had to celebrate the past two holidays with just my parents and grandparents together at our house.  It has been disappointing not being able to get together with everyone else.  That's why this Easter was even more special, it was so heart warming to have everyone together again. AND my grandparents finally got to meet the newest great grandson Aaron!!!

Speaking of great grand children.  So far we have four very sweet little boys, but we had big news this Easter.  My cousin Ben and his wife Chelli are having a girl!!!!  The brought a cute basket of pink eggs to share their announcement!

Maybe in a year or two my Ben and I will get to add to the number of cute ones in the family.

Our current cottage has such a great patio which was great for lounging in while waiting for the craziness of the egg hunt to start.

Once these great little guys arrived the real fun began!

Look at Bobby run!

I love how they all coordinated in their plaid shirts!

Sometimes you just have to stop to pet the dog...  Doesn't Lucy look happy?!?!?!

Stevie was proud to find one of his eggs!

Oh man this kid cracks me up!  He's always willing to pose for the camera!

After the fun with egg hunting it was time for sailboat decorating! You can learn all about how we built the boats and created this fun activity here.

The boys were all excited to get the boat racing channels.

Billy liked showing us how strong he is.

I love that my brother Donny now has a brother in his life with Ben.  Apparently Donny got the memo that it was plaid day!

The kids loved racing their new boats.

And now for some pictures of my decorations!  Here is the beverage/hor' dourve table.

I loved how my Dollar Tree center pieces turned out.

The table full of boat decorating supplies.  A post on how we prepared for this is soon to come.

We also had croquet to keep the active boys entertained; they loved playing this!

It is important to remember what we are celebrating today.

For the first time ever, I was able to use this beautiful hand embroidered table cloth made and given to us as a wedding gift by Ben's Grandma on his Dad's side.

Our yummy buffet.

Ben made these totally awesome bunny rolls!  I found a blog on them here, but decided instead of making them from scratch I would use crescent rolls, this worked out so well!

My homemade vanilla cupcakes had your choice of four flowers or a little chick to choose from.

I was planning on decorating the sugar cookies but while I made frosting Ben sweetly got to work, and by the time I was done with all the colors he had just about finished them all off!  Isn't he the most talented guy!?!?!

I'd like to leave you with this sweet picture of adorable cousins Billy and Baby Aaron.

God has blessed us with so much, and this very special Easter together reminded us of how much we have to thank him for.  I hope you had a wonderful Easter also, remember the sacrifice our loving Jesus made for us and all the great gifts we have from our Heavenly Father.

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