Sunday, April 14, 2013

Egg Tablecloth Weights

Nobody likes a tablecloth that blows away.  So I thought I show you how I kept my table cloths from blowing away this Easter.  It was super easy and theme appropriate; I used plastic Easter eggs!

I found an image at Martha Stewart, but there was no tutorial.   Here is my version:  I bought a package of plastic eggs and some party ribbon.  Then I gathered some rocks from the side yard.

I tied the ribbon around the egg like a present, this can get tricky since packages are square and eggs are obviously NOT, the ribbon likes to slip.  I recommend hot-gluing the top and bottom of your ribbon to the egg as it can slide off on especially windy days.

Leave some extra ribbon at the top for tying it onto your table cloth.

My table cloths came from the 99cent store and were a little on the thin side, I protected them from ripping by adding a square of packing tape to each corner.

Then I punched a hole using my handy-dandy hole puncher!

Tie the egg in place and ta-da it's done!  You can let it dangle like I did.

Or tie it close like Ben did.  This is up to your personal preference.

And now the table cloth is secure!

Look, I found the Easter Chihuahua!  Lucy liked hanging out with the extra eggs, I think she was hoping for some dog treats inside.

Just make sure to warn your egg hunters not to try and put these eggs in their baskets!


  1. Thanks for sharing. I pinned it. And I am following by Blog Lovin

  2. Hi Loni! Love the idea. Very creative! Thank you for visiting my blog. I am now following you on GFC and Bloglovin. Take care!



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