Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dollar Store Fuzzy Bunny Mantle

I was so excited to decorate for Easter this year now that we are living in a house.  I went to the closet and opened up my Easter bin and wa-wa it only had 3 things in it!  Apparently I forgot I did not own much in the line of Easter decor...  Enter the dollar store to the rescue!  My friend told me about these great bunnies she found at the 99 Cent store!

You can get fancy faux topiary bunnies at other stores; I bought 2 packages of 3 bunnies each = 6 bunnies!  Sweet!

When I first put them on the mantle they kind of disappeared.  Therefore I decided they needed some accessories, some grass and a little picket fence.  The grass was easy, I already had it from a previous gift.

The picket fence Ben made me from popsicle sticks from none other than, The Dollar Tree!  We also used chop sticks as the support rails, but you could use more popcicle sticks.  Scissors or wire cutters will work for cutting them and any type of glue - we chose hot glue.

All we did was chop the stick in half and cut the end into a point.

Then glued them onto the chop sticks.

We made three sets of fence for our mantle.  Then took them outside and spray painted them white.  Although the can of spray paint did not come from the dollar store, it only cost 97 cents from Walmart!

And that's it, super easy and super cute!

Do you have any cute Easter decorating ideas?

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  1. Love this! Will need to check out the dollar store!!!


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