Friday, February 1, 2013

The Jane Austen Evening 2013

The Jane Austen Evening was the most amazing night!  It felt like we had stepped back in time and were living in a different era.  Everyone did a fabulous job sewing their clothes or finding resources to dress appropriately.  Before the weekend of the event there were also dance lessons so that everyone would be able to participate in the ball.

The event was held at the Masonic Temple in Pasadena, CA.

We were properly greeted at the door.

And then inside we were checked in by this charming lady.

As we arrived the guests were already in line to receive their supper.

My handsome man in line for some yummy food.

Everyone quite enjoyed the food.

You had your choice of using the provided paper plates and cups or bringing your own china.
One of the awesome ladies in our group volunteered to bring all of her china.  It looked fantastic!

What is an English tea without the tea???

We had wonderful entertainment all about English impropriety.

These lovely ladies are all members of the Jane Austen Book Club!

Here I am with my handsome husband in his first outfit of the evening.

He later changed into the uniform of the 95th Rifles.

I ran into a sweet friend from another English ball.

Some members of our reenacting group and Rebekah.  Maybe I can convince her to join us!

The gentlemen all looked so handsome in their uniforms!

I am borrowing this panoramic picture of the ball the my friend took, it really helps you appreciate the grandeur!

At night the building looked even more magnificent!!!

ABC News was also there filming some footage for their clip on Pride and Prejudice's 200th Anniversary.  Our friend Rebekah was even interviewed!  If you look closely you'll see me standing in the background by our table.

If you are interested in joining us next year you can learn more information here:
Warning, tickets sell out fast, this year it was less than a day!!!

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