Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A New Regency Gown

I have a new gown in the works.  In just two short weeks Ben and I, along with several friends, will be attending the Jane Austen Evening in Pasadena.  My old blue silk gown is in much disrepair (due to my lack of sewing knowledge when I made it), therefore I felt it was time to make another evening gown.

Here is my inspiration:

I shall be making my gown without the train, as they do not work well for dancing and adapting the sleeves to be the more common pouf version.

I've chosen to go with a pink outer layer and a pale silver under layer.

On another note I've been helping my friend Rebekah make her own gown using my old Simplicity pattern.  Here she is in her muslin, we had a lot of adjustment to make since I own the larger size pattern and she is much much smaller...

Updates will hopefully come soon!

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