Wednesday, June 27, 2012

House-hunt & Moving

House hunting is so frustrating!  Since our last update we have put more offers in and still do not have a house.
We came very close with two of them, but in scenarario A. after a month and a half of waiting the homeowner finally gave us their disclaimer only to mention that the house above them drains into their property and the water heater to the pool has been stolen!  Bye bye house!  In scenario B. after also waiting for a month and a half the bank tells us they want $25,000 more than we offered and we have two hours to accept or they'll walk!  So nice of them!  Now we are back to square one, because we were outbid on the other two.

On a much happier note, we have somewhere new to live since our lease is expiring and the complex wants to raise rent AGAIN.  So instead of guessing how long we should renew our lease or paying additional $ to go month to month we've decided to move.  The offer was right and we couldn't resist!  My mom has graciously offered that we rent my Grannie's old house that they've had for a rental the past three years.  What luck the renters just moved out!!!

It is the cutest little 3 bed 2 bath house with a great backyard.  Lucy won't know what to do with herself!!!  A neat factiod is that I inherited many of my Grannie's beautiful furniture pieces such as her dining table, it will be so much fun to put them in their proper places once again!

Right inside the front door you enter into a little sitting room (which we will most likely use for our casual dining table) and the kitchen.  Now we are going to play a little game.  How many pictures does Lucy sneak herself into?

Right through the hallway you walk into the formal living room and dining room.

There are two front bedrooms (one we'll be using as our office/arts and craft room and the other as a guest bedroom.  

Then we have the master bedroom with awesome walk in closet.

And here is Lucy's new backyard.  She had so much fun exploring it when we went to visit/clean things up.

The yard has a lime tree and two peach trees, but of course we hope to plant other crops and bring our garden table with us!  We went for a visit and look how many delicious peaches we brought home!

The answer to the above question is 3 pictures, and Hunter even snuck into 1 too!  Is anyone else moving this summer?  What are your plans?  Also, is anyone else struggling to buy a house the way we are?  I know we can't be alone in this frustrating market...


  1. What a lovely (and HUGE!) house Grandma had! Lucy is going to have so much space, she won't know what to do with herself! And I know you all will be happy and comfortable there. :)

  2. Were you able to get this house, Loni? I think it is a good property! Looking at the photos, I can imagine this space once it is decorated and revamped. Oh, how I wish you got this one. It sounds perfect for you and the family. =) {Abdul Jackson }

    1. Why thank you, yes we are renting it from my mom and uncle while we look for our own house to purchase. :)


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