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Our Wedding

November 6, 2010 I married the love of my life.

We had no actual theme, but tried to create an old-fashioned charm for the event.  We did many DIY projects to personalize the wedding and incorporated many of our favorite things.

Location: Orange County Centennial Heritage Museum
Caterer: Country Garden Caterers
Rentals: Signature Party Rentals
DJ: KIK Entertainment
Photographer: Mia Johnstone

Our Save the Date (Designed by Ben)

Invitation - Letter Pressed  by Hand
(my father-in-law's to be precise)
Map of the Area (designed by Ben)


This is the Kellog House at the Centennial Heritage Museum of Orange County.  I was able to get ready for my big day upstairs in this beautiful house!

Before the Ceremony

The pearls were my Grannie's, it was nice to wear something from someone very special to me.

I love all of my cousins so very much!  That's right all those beautiful girls are my very special cousins!

Don't you think she is the cutest little flower girl you ever did see?  She's my cousin's daughter!

The groom and his men.  One best friend, two brothers and one soon to be brother.  The handsome little man is another cousin's son.


At the entrance to our ceremony we had pictures of our grandparents on their wedding days.

Ben custom created these coloring books for the children, and the adults ended up loving them too!

We were blessed with the most wonderful day!

Time to get the show started, here comes my Dad and I!

We wanted our first act together as man and wife to be the taking of communion in order to signify our gratitude for God's blessings.

There was lots of happy kissing...

Here's a picture of the two families now joined together.  On the left we have my (Loni's) family and on the right Ben's family.  One might notice a little difference between the two, of course Ben was quick to point out,
"Hey there are the same number of girls on both sides!"  Don't worry, I missed it too...

The In-between Time

While we were taking our pictures the hor' dourves were served we had music from Disneyland's Mainstreet USA playing in the background.

Our Friends really enjoyed the coloring books and scrap-guestbook pages.

The Reception

In order to find their seat for the reception the guest found their luggage tag with destination marked on it.

Then they traveled down our memory-lane trellis walkway with pictures of us throughout the years in order to arrive at the reception.  (We did this in lieu of a slideshow)

The guests then found their destination/tables which were places in Disneyland.

Just love those clouds and a little touch of fall on the dance floor.

Want to know a secret?  Our cake topper came from the Dollar Tree!  Yes that's right, it only cost $1.  And a lot of loving work.  You see we couldn't find one that we loved.  Then we found this one, but it still wasn't quite right.  The groom needed a top-hat and it was plain white.  My wonderful Ben sculpted the hat onto Mr. Groom and painted the happy couple, even my flowers matched!!!

Don't forget to have fun!  I know we sure did!!!

Dinner was a buffet.  We'd waited in enough long wedding food lines, so we asked for ours to be double-sided, which worked beautifully!

The beverage table by day and by night.

Our first dance together was not rehearsed, but just us doing our thing...  I insisted on having the cafe style bulb lights, and really feel that they made the dance floor special!

Those special bands to remind us of our promise.

I bet you thought we would be well behaved with our cake.  Well you guessed WRONG, we totally smashed cake!!!!

My mom found a fantastic deal on a car and driver, so we were able to leave the wedding with class!

We didn't plan on having our guests do anything at our send off, but someone cleverly decided to throw flower petals and we loved it!!!

Did someone say "Happily Ever After?"

It felt like a fairy tale and I can honestly say that everyday we spend together is better than the last.

That concludes Wedding Week here at Clearwater Cottage, thanks for joining us!  We hope that you can use some of our ideas/printables when planning your own special day!

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  1. Everything is so beautiful and just perfect! Thanks so much for sharing!


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