Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Trash to Treasures

We don't have much $, and we live on a budget. Therefore we have become resourceful for furnishing our apartment. Our two most favorite finds have been totally free!

One day while we were out walking the dog Ben mentioned to me, "Would you like a piano?"  Of course I say, a little confused because he knows I would LOVE one.  He then replies, "There's one right over there..." as he points down the street.  There is a pile of junk by the curb and a piano sitting with it!  We frantically run over to see what on earth is going on.  A neighbor comes out and we find out that the tenants living in the house moved out late last night and everything by the curb they didn't want anymore.  I call dibs!!!  We consider rolling the piano home, but realize that is probably not the best option, so instead I call up my cousin Ben (yes we have two Bens)!  Like the wonderful cousin that he is, him and his wife Chelli immediately jump in their truck and head on over to help.  Can you believe it, every single key on the piano works!?!?!?!  This piano has had a rough life, probably involving little kids.  It is very scratched up and several keys are chipped and it definitely needs some tuning, but that is for one day when we can afford it, for now I don't mind the sound, because it's music to my ears!

There she goes, my brand new well used piano!!!!

Here is the team of trained piano lifters/brave volunteers that are about to haul this baby up the stairs to our second floor apartment! 

Nice and cozy in her new home!

Another one of our amazing finds is our headboard!  Previously we had no headboard, and although we would like one knew that we could not justify spending the money on one right now.

Then one day Ben tells me he has a surprise for me that he found in the dumpster in our complex.  Go into the bedroom he says... WHAT!?!?!?!   Someone was throwing this baby away!?!?!?!  I don't care if was sitting next to the dumpsters, after a quick wipe-down I'll take it! 

And it fits our style to a T! 

What amazing finds have you found?  How did you make them work for your style?

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