Friday, May 11, 2012

Sub Reports and Hall Passes

When I started off subbing (5 years ago) I would just write my note to the teacher on a piece of lined paper.  I found that by the end of the day I was having a hard time remembering the details of the beginning of the day.  This led to a brainstorm of how to improve the process, enter my sub report format!

A lot of the note tended to be written about behavior, so I decided to save my time when filling this out by creating a key at the top for scoring the class behavior, breaking it down by time of day/period and then averaging it for an overall score for the day at the top.  Now I was able to spend more time reflecting on the lessons taught (which is what I prefer to know about when I have a sub).  I also included a section for absent students (but only in elementary).  On my version I have my name, email address and phone number at the bottom of the page.  I left those lines blank for you to put your own in, that way teachers can request you back after an awesome day with their class!

I designed these forms on Microsoft Publisher and I print about 20 of them at a time and keep them in my sub binder that I carry with me.  I have three different forms: Elementary, Middle/High School, and Generic.


Middle/High School:


Hall Passes:

I hope that someone out there can benefit from these files and find them useful! :)

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